Unbounded by Sheng Tao

Sheng Tao Portrays The Unbounded Office

Sheng Tao, the lead designer of the award winning work Unbounded by Sheng Tao spells out, this case is composed of three sets of independent loft apartments through merging, two sets of 50 square meters, a set of 75 square meters.The biggest selli <Cropped>

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Tavolo Livelli-Table by Wouter Van Riet Paap

Wouter Van Riet Paap Presents The Tavolo Livelli Table

Wouter van Riet Paap, the maker of the award winning work Tavolo Livelli - Table by Wouter van Riet Paap illustrates, Tavolo Livelli is about creating useful space in forgotten places. Tavolo Livelli is a layered table, a table with two tabletops. Th <Cropped>

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Facade Lighting:office Tower by Studio Illumine

Studio Illumine Creates The Office Tower Facade Lighting

Studio Illumine, the project leader of the displayed design Award Winning Office Tower Facade Lighting says, The concept of One Cube – One Reflection was the source of inspiration in façade lighting of a 20-floor commercial office tower in CaoHeJ <Cropped>

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Kanzashi Flower Mizuhiki Jewelry by Asuka Saito

Kanzashi Flower Jewelry Is a New Jewelry Collection by Asuka Saito

Kanzashi flower jewelry is a new jewelry collection by Asuka Saito, San Francisco-based jewelry designer. The unique feature of these design is that those jewelry are created by arranging Japanese traditional technique, Tsumami zaiku, to make Kanzash <Cropped>

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Award Winning Gosh! Cordbox Cable Management

Ryan Xie Presents The Gosh! Cordbox Cable Management

Ryan Xie, the designer of the displayed design Cable Management by Ryan Xie demonstrates, The CordBox is the most versatile cable management box with its collapsable design. It is easily assembled in 3 simple steps. Finished with metallic silver alum <Cropped>

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Mixed Use Development:jewel by Chin Choon Ong

Chin Choon Ong Discloses The Jewel Mixed Use Development

Chin Choon Ong, the creative mind behind the highlighted design Mixed Use Development:Jewel by Chin Choon Ong points out, Jewel consists of three towers addressing over 110 metres of beach frontage, offering unparalleled views of the Pacific Ocean. A <Cropped>

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Lab.12 Art Contest

A Great Opportunity For The Artists, Which Can Win a Cash Prize, Have The Opportunity to Exhibit The Artworks in An Art Gallery in Milan (italy) and Much More

A great opportunity for the artists, which can win a cash prize, have the opportunity to exhibit the artworks in an art gallery in milan (italy) and much more..

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Restaurant by Gao Xiong

Gao Xiong Presents The Chaozhou Cuisine Restaurant

Gao Xiong, the architect of the displayed work Chaozhou Cuisine - Restaurant by Gao Xiong spells out, The change on the table now changes people's life. When people's diet is no longer a requirement for satiety, it is appropriate to introdu <Cropped>

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Award Winning Jerry House Residential : Private House

Arisara Chaktranon and Siriyot Chaiamnuay Reveals The Jerry House Residential : Private House

Arisara Chaktranon and Siriyot Chaiamnuay, the lead designer of the displayed project Arisara Chaktranon and Siriyot Chaiamnuay's Jerry House residential : private house says, Jerry House is the holiday home at Cha Am Beach of Mr. and Mrs. Sahaw <Cropped>

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Award Winning Nanna Lighting

Alican Faydali Shares The Nanna Lighting

Alican Faydali, the project leader of the award winning work Lighting by Alican Faydali demonstrates, Nanna is modular lighting device which is designed for indoor use; specially for the situations where sudden need for lighting occurs. Modular units <Cropped>

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