Educational Institute:under The Tree by Daisuke Nagatomo and Minnie Jan

Daisuke Nagatomo and Minnie Jan Creates The Under The Tree Educational Institute

Daisuke Nagatomo and Minnie Jan, the creative mind behind the highlighted work Educational Institute by Daisuke Nagatomo and Minnie Jan explains, Hsin Yi Kids Learning Center is located in Taipei City, Taiwan. The space is for children whose age is i <Cropped>

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Laguna by Elena Trevisan

Elena Trevisan Shares The Laguna Modular Sofa

Elena Trevisan, the creator of the highlighted project Modular sofa:Laguna by Elena Trevisan points out, Laguna designer seating is an extensive contemporary collection of modular sofas and benches. Designed by the Italian Architect Elena Trevisan wi <Cropped>

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Glamour of Light by Chin-An Yang

Chin-An Yang Designs The Glamour of Light Interior Design

Chin-An Yang, the author of the awarded design Award Winning Glamour of Light Interior Design illustrates, The resort house, casted under the glamour of sunlight, manifests the modern charms of American style, of which the vistas reflecting the chang <Cropped>

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3d Printed Adaptable Dress by Maria Alejandra Mora Sanchez

Maria Alejandra Mora Sanchez Demonstrates The Loom 3d Printed Adaptable Dress

Maria Alejandra Mora Sanchez, the lead designer of the highlighted design 3D Printed Adaptable Dress by Maria Alejandra Mora Sanchez says, Loom is an expandable, adaptable, wearable and flexible 3D printed dress that adapts to all body types and body <Cropped>

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Home Office Desk:mukava Executive Desk by Josh Ribbeck

Josh Ribbeck Presents The Mukava Executive Desk Home Office Desk

Josh Ribbeck, the creator of the awarded work Award Winning Mukava Executive Desk Home Office Desk demonstrates, The Mukava desk is a modern executive desk built from solid walnut, it utilizes no metal fasteners and uses a bracing system that aligns <Cropped>

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Evgenia Dymkina's The Dialogue Clock Clock

Evgenia Dymkina Spotlights The The Dialogue Clock Clock

Evgenia Dymkina, the architect of the highlighted project The Dialogue Clock - Clock by Evgenia Dymkina points out, The concept of the Dialogue clock is new perspective on Time. There are no arrows: the first disc shows the hour, the second one – m <Cropped>

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2020 Typography Competition

Our Juried Competition Celebrates The Best Use of Typography as The Primary Visual Element in Design and Advertising, Plus New Typeface Designs, Calligraphy and Hand Lettering. 2020 Typography Competition Deadline: September 06, 2019 Our Juried Compet

Our juried competition celebrates the best use of typography as the primary visual element in design and advertising, plus new typeface designs, calligraphy and hand lettering. 2020 typography competition deadline: september 06, 2019 our juried c <Cropped>

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Chen Xuan 's Oriental Treasures Furniture Collection

Chen Xuan Presents The Oriental Treasures Furniture Collection

Chen Xuan , the architect of the displayed design Chen Xuan 's Oriental Treasures Furniture Collection explains, Royal Medicinal Cabinet re-imagines the classic apothecary cabinet, its drawers are framed by a 24k gold finish top-board and rounde <Cropped>

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Anantara Jabal Akhdar-Hotel by Atelier Pod

Atelier Pod Reveals The Anantara Jabal Akhdar Hotel

ATELIER POD, the project leader of the displayed work ATELIER POD's ANANTARA JABAL AKHDAR HOTEL explicates, Located on a 6,6 Ha cliff edge plot at 2,000m above sea level, with a built-up area of 24,000m² including 115 keys, six restaurants and <Cropped>

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Butz + Klug Architecture's The "taut" Table Dining Table

Butz + Klug Architecture Creates The The "taut" Table Dining Table

BUTZ + KLUG Architecture, the thinktank behind the awarded project Dining Table:The "Taut" Table by BUTZ + KLUG Architecture illustrates, This table is inspired by the richness and poignancy of the rituals around dining and the frustration <Cropped>

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