Megurogawa Minna No Illumination by Creativeout

Creativeout Shares The Megurogawa Minna No Illumination New Energy Solution

CreativeOut, the author of the awarded design new energy solution by CreativeOut demonstrates, Great East Japan Earthquake and the Fukushima nuclear accident happened in 2011. Most Japanese were required to take power saving measures, however, illumi <Cropped>

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Poster by Alesia Kutsian and Aliaksei Hvozdzeu

Alesia Kutsian and Aliaksei Hvozdzeu Illustrates The Faces in History Poster

Alesia Kutsian and Aliaksei Hvozdzeu, the creator of the award winning project Poster by Alesia Kutsian and Aliaksei Hvozdzeu explicates, This typographic portrait technique is complex and sophisticated. Each poster has its own individuality. The ima <Cropped>

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Three Sided Skinny Scarf-Scarf by Bianca Elgar

Bianca Elgar Exhibits The Three Sided Skinny Scarf Scarf

Bianca Elgar, the creative mind behind the displayed work Scarf:Three Sided Skinny Scarf by Bianca Elgar says, The Bianca Elgar Three Sided Skinny scarf has three different colour prints on each side, which offers versatile styling options, making <Cropped>

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Dr. Fleming Pharma & Healthcare by Alessandro Luciani

Alessandro Luciani Exhibits The Dr. Fleming Pharma & Healthcare Pharmacy Concept

Alessandro Luciani, the designer of the highlighted design Pharmacy Concept:Dr. Fleming Pharma & Healthcare by Alessandro Luciani explicates, Transformation of the traditional pharmacist-client relationship, so we focused our attention on a revo <Cropped>

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Future Pharmacy

Th.kohl and Desall Invite You to Suggest Innovative Concepts For The Pharmacy of The Future, Meant as a “retail Space” Dedicated to The Person, His/Her Wellbeing and to The Relationships.future Pharmacy-envision The Pharmacy of The Future On Desall

Th.kohl and desall invite you to suggest innovative concepts for the pharmacy of the future, meant as a “retail space” dedicated to the person, his/her wellbeing and to the relationships.Future pharmacy - envision the pharmacy of the future on de <Cropped>

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Residential House by Tan Shu-Ching

Tan Shu-Ching Shares The Da An H House Residential House

TAN SHU-CHING, the architect of the displayed design Residential House:DA AN H HOUSE by TAN SHU-CHING explains, It a customized residence based on users. The indoor's open space connect living room, dining room and study space via freedom traffi <Cropped>

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Lighting Fixture by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Reveals The Le Lumiere Lighting Fixture

The maker of the highlighted project lighting fixture:le Lumiere by Acclaimed Designer demonstrates, Le Puij presents the Play Collection. A series of furniture intended for a project set-up. Playful, cheerful and stylish. Each piece has been designe <Cropped>

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Lagan by May Khoury

May Khoury Presents The Lagan Coffee Table

May Khoury, the creator of the highlighted design Coffee Table by May Khoury spells out, Lagan is a conversation-starter coffee table that was born through a cultural identity marriage between two unique countries; Jordan and Uzbekistan. This rounded <Cropped>

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Martin-Standing Lamp by Santiago Bautista

Santiago Bautista Exhibits The Martin Standing Lamp

Santiago Bautista, the designer of the awarded design Standing lamp by Santiago Bautista explicates, Martin is a standing lamp. It consists of one single steel tube that bends to create both its base and its body. This tube is attached to an aluminum <Cropped>

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Zhang Jin's Big Dipper Coffee Table

Zhang Jin Reveals The Big Dipper Coffee Table

Zhang JIn, the thinktank behind the award winning design Big Dipper - Coffee Table by Zhang JIn explicates, As its name, the design inspiration comes from the Big Dipper in the night sky. The seven tables provide the users with independent use of spa <Cropped>

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