Residential Space/Single Level by Hua Cheng, Hsian-li Lo

Hua Cheng, Hsian-li Lo Discloses The Equalizer—the Smile Curve Residential Space/Single Level

Hua Cheng , Hsian-Li Lo , the lead designer of the displayed work Hua Cheng , Hsian-Li Lo 's Equalizer—The Smile Curve Residential Space / single level illustrates, Sounds treated with an equalizer are combined in the form of a smile curve, with low and high frequencies increased and middle frequencies weakened to balance out auditory contour lines and thus expand the critical bandwidth. We have translated this into spatial terms for the central television wall space, where wood and glass are arranged in a smile curve to deepen line of sight and expand the spatial vista..

Residential Space/Single Level by Hua Cheng, Hsian-li Lo Images:


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